Schutzhund / IPO 1 Obedience, Protection, Tracking

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Published on Februar 13, 2016

Fall 2013 Schutzhund / IPO1 Trial Obedience, Protection, TrackingDo you ever wish you could take your dog out and give him or her the freedom of being off leash AND 100% reliable and safe? Even if a squirrel was to run by? We can help! We train any size, any breed, any age dog to be 100% reliable off leash with distractions! Off-Leash K9 Training, LLC is a dog training organization based in Northern New Jersey. OLK9 specializes in private lessons, dog behavior analysis, and owner education. This multi threaded education will ultimately create a stronger bond between owner and dog. We specialize in off-leash control, in and around severe distractions. The level of training you can expect will be an Advanced Obedience Level.

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